Watch it Again: Talented Mr. Ripley

This week, The Talented Mr. Ripley showed up in the red envelope in my mailbox. My boyfriend had never seen it, and it had been so long since I had, that I had forgotten a lot of the story. It was well worth watching again 11 years later.

Paltrow, Law & Damon

The 1999 film, starring Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow and directed by Anthony Minghella, was nominated for a handful of Oscars, and I would have liked it to win some. Aside from the all-star cast, the cinematography, costumes and score were also beautiful.

If you are also rusty in remembering the story, I think that the promotional taglines may assist in reviving your memory:

  • How far would you go to become someone else?
  • Everybody should have one talent… what’s yours?

Hanging with HUNG

My guilty TV pleasure these days is the HBO comedy series Hung. It’s one of the few television shows my boyfriend enjoys, so I look forward to Sunday night when we can settle down together on the sofa to close out the weekend.

Thomas Jane plays Ray

If you’re unfamiliar, Hung is about Ray, a high school baseball coach who was divorced by his high school sweetheart. Their socially awkward son and daughter (fraternal twins) and don’t seem to have gotten the “cool gene” from their jock dad and cheerleader mom. The series kicks off when Ray’s suburban Detroit home burns down and he doesn’t have the money to rebuild it.

So, down-on-his-luck Ray meets Tanya at a self-help group and after a random night together, they discover their new calling: Tanya becomes Ray’s pimp. Their mission is to make big bucks with their new company Happiness Consultants – putting smiles on lonely women throughout the Detroit area. Continue reading Hanging with HUNG

Ate Prayed Loved

Julia was not how I envisioned Liz Gilbert...

This weekend my book club and I met for brunch then took a field trip to the cinema to see the new film Eat Pray Love. The movie, based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling memoir and starring Julia Roberts, had been highly promoted on all the female-skewing cable networks I watch, and while I’m not Ms. Roberts’ biggest fan, I did devour the book (pardon the pun), and was excited to see Liz’s drama unfold on the big screen.

Before I begin, I must disclose that my expectations were fairly low. It’s rare that a movie ever comes close to the book it’s based on, inspired by, or made from. Throw in the fact that I didn’t envision Julia Roberts playing the part and that I’d heard some lukewarm reviews, and pretty much anything average would have satisfied me. Continue reading Ate Prayed Loved