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HBO’s Temple Grandin

Claire Danes as Temple Grandin in HBO’s biopic

I was inspired by Claire and Temple at the Emmys. As fortune had it, last night Temple Grandin was on HBO and it caught my boyfriend’s eye while flipping channels.  We watched it start to finish and finally turned off the TV around 1am.  (This in itself proves the movie is worth watching, as on a work night I rarely can keep my eyes open later than 11:30pm!) Continue reading HBO’s Temple Grandin


Emmys 2010

So who watched the Emmys last night?

I rarely watch awards shows these days, but tuned in last night about halfway through.

Emmy-winner Claire Danes

I thought Claire Danes received a well-deserved award for her portrayal of Temple Grandin. She really transformed herself in that role. And it was touching that Temple was there to see it for herself. So often these biopics are posthumous and the subject doesn’t get to experience the thrill of being honored and in the public eye. Side note, I don’t think Claire has ever looked more beautiful. Perfect dress, hair and makeup.

Continue reading Emmys 2010

Hanging with HUNG

My guilty TV pleasure these days is the HBO comedy series Hung. It’s one of the few television shows my boyfriend enjoys, so I look forward to Sunday night when we can settle down together on the sofa to close out the weekend.

Thomas Jane plays Ray

If you’re unfamiliar, Hung is about Ray, a high school baseball coach who was divorced by his high school sweetheart. Their socially awkward son and daughter (fraternal twins) and don’t seem to have gotten the “cool gene” from their jock dad and cheerleader mom. The series kicks off when Ray’s suburban Detroit home burns down and he doesn’t have the money to rebuild it.

So, down-on-his-luck Ray meets Tanya at a self-help group and after a random night together, they discover their new calling: Tanya becomes Ray’s pimp. Their mission is to make big bucks with their new company Happiness Consultants – putting smiles on lonely women throughout the Detroit area. Continue reading Hanging with HUNG