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Gone with the Wind (Yes, I’m a bit behind)

This week my fiance and I watched Gone with the Wind for the first time.


He has an excuse, probably, not having grown up in America. I, on the other hand, really feel silly for not having seen one of history’s classic films until now.

Let me start out by saying that this movie is close to four hours long. So if you’re looking for a summary, you’re in the wrong place. But here’s a quick setup, if you’re as ignorant as I was: Continue reading Gone with the Wind (Yes, I’m a bit behind)


Watch it Again: Talented Mr. Ripley

This week, The Talented Mr. Ripley showed up in the red envelope in my mailbox. My boyfriend had never seen it, and it had been so long since I had, that I had forgotten a lot of the story. It was well worth watching again 11 years later.

Paltrow, Law & Damon

The 1999 film, starring Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow and directed by Anthony Minghella, was nominated for a handful of Oscars, and I would have liked it to win some. Aside from the all-star cast, the cinematography, costumes and score were also beautiful.

If you are also rusty in remembering the story, I think that the promotional taglines may assist in reviving your memory:

  • How far would you go to become someone else?
  • Everybody should have one talent… what’s yours?