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Gone with the Wind (Yes, I’m a bit behind)

This week my fiance and I watched Gone with the Wind for the first time.


He has an excuse, probably, not having grown up in America. I, on the other hand, really feel silly for not having seen one of history’s classic films until now.

Let me start out by saying that this movie is close to four hours long. So if you’re looking for a summary, you’re in the wrong place. But here’s a quick setup, if you’re as ignorant as I was: Continue reading Gone with the Wind (Yes, I’m a bit behind)


Invictus (It’s not really all about rugby)

This week my fiance and I decided to watch Invictus. The main reason for our selection was that it was just about to start on HBO [or one of those many HBOs], and we wanted to catch a movie from the beginning.

I'm not crazy about the marketing for this film. But by luck I caught it on cable.

When Invictus came out in 2009, I really had little interest in seeing it — ever.  The commercials made me think it was about rugby, and that Morgan Freeman’s Nelson Mandela was a supporting role to Matt Damon’s starring one, as captain Francois Pienaar.

Boy, was I wrong!

Even the summary on IMDB is a tad misleading:

Nelson Mandela, in his first term as the South African President, initiates a unique venture to unite the apartheid-torn land: enlist the national rugby team on a mission to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup.

Invictus is really the story of how Nelson Mandela transformed South Africa and Continue reading Invictus (It’s not really all about rugby)

Salt – Have You Seen it Yet?!

Angelina Jolie plays Evelyn Salt, a Russian spy… or is she?

Recently, I was upgraded on a flight and decided to watch a movie (it being free in first class and all!).  I’m not normally drawn to action movies, but I remembered thinking the previews for Salt looked pretty good.  And indeed, it was!

Angelina Jolie stars in ‘Salt,’ a contemporary espionage thriller about a CIA agent who is accused of being a Russian spy and becomes a federal fugitive.

Angelina did a great job in the title role. She played the part well and was able to present a host of emotions — pain, sadness, shock, appreciation — and transition between them in an instant. Angelina really makes you wonder who Salt really is, and what her motives truly are.

I recommend that you rent this one if you haven’t already seen it.  I enjoyed it so much, I even watched most of it again on my return flight two days later, and rented it for my fiance to see at home!  (One note, the DVD includes a Director’s Cut and an unrated version, in addition to the theatrical release.  I would recommend watching the theatrical release first; I liked that one best.)

Salt is now available on Netflix.

HBO’s Temple Grandin

Claire Danes as Temple Grandin in HBO’s biopic

I was inspired by Claire and Temple at the Emmys. As fortune had it, last night Temple Grandin was on HBO and it caught my boyfriend’s eye while flipping channels.  We watched it start to finish and finally turned off the TV around 1am.  (This in itself proves the movie is worth watching, as on a work night I rarely can keep my eyes open later than 11:30pm!) Continue reading HBO’s Temple Grandin

Watch it Again: Talented Mr. Ripley

This week, The Talented Mr. Ripley showed up in the red envelope in my mailbox. My boyfriend had never seen it, and it had been so long since I had, that I had forgotten a lot of the story. It was well worth watching again 11 years later.

Paltrow, Law & Damon

The 1999 film, starring Matt Damon, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow and directed by Anthony Minghella, was nominated for a handful of Oscars, and I would have liked it to win some. Aside from the all-star cast, the cinematography, costumes and score were also beautiful.

If you are also rusty in remembering the story, I think that the promotional taglines may assist in reviving your memory:

  • How far would you go to become someone else?
  • Everybody should have one talent… what’s yours?

Ate Prayed Loved

Julia was not how I envisioned Liz Gilbert...

This weekend my book club and I met for brunch then took a field trip to the cinema to see the new film Eat Pray Love. The movie, based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestselling memoir and starring Julia Roberts, had been highly promoted on all the female-skewing cable networks I watch, and while I’m not Ms. Roberts’ biggest fan, I did devour the book (pardon the pun), and was excited to see Liz’s drama unfold on the big screen.

Before I begin, I must disclose that my expectations were fairly low. It’s rare that a movie ever comes close to the book it’s based on, inspired by, or made from. Throw in the fact that I didn’t envision Julia Roberts playing the part and that I’d heard some lukewarm reviews, and pretty much anything average would have satisfied me. Continue reading Ate Prayed Loved