Emmys 2010

So who watched the Emmys last night?

I rarely watch awards shows these days, but tuned in last night about halfway through.

Emmy-winner Claire Danes

I thought Claire Danes received a well-deserved award for her portrayal of Temple Grandin. She really transformed herself in that role. And it was touching that Temple was there to see it for herself. So often these biopics are posthumous and the subject doesn’t get to experience the thrill of being honored and in the public eye. Side note, I don’t think Claire has ever looked more beautiful. Perfect dress, hair and makeup.

I was bummed LOST didn’t win Best Drama. And that Matthew Fox lost best actor. I have heard great things about Mad Men, and never seen Breaking Bad, but LOST was an intelligent show, and a true television sensation over the years, and I wish that it was recognized after its final season.


One of the other high points for me was Jewel singing for the In Memoriam segment. She sang a song called “Shape of You” and dedicated it to a friend who’d passed away from cancer. It was a beautiful moment, and Jewel delivered the song with such tender emotion, it was perfect for remembering all those who we lost this past year.

I tuned in too late to see the win, but was happy to read that Top Chef won for best reality competition show. One of my favorites. I enjoy Project Runway and Dancing with the Stars as well, but Top Chef consistently comes up with well-produced, interesting challenges, and is appealing to the eye to watch. Project Runway is a great show, but I feel that the quality has taken a nosedive since they’ve switched some production staff and moved to Lifetime.

I decided I should probably track down some of these shows and check them out.  My to-do list includes:  Mad Men, The Special Relationship (about Bill Clinton and Tony Blair), and Georgia O’Keeffe.

What wins did you agree with?  Who did you think got robbed?  What are your top shows on TV these days?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Check out all the Emmy nominees and winners here.


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